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Welcome to our SpotLight section. Join us here as we delve a little deeper into the songs that make the album. The songs that didn’t make the album. The songs that refused to be on the album because they thought themselves good enough to be singles. Songs with attitude. Songs of heartbreak and despair. They’re here. The songs you’ve heard, and the ones you haven’t.

You Gimme The Blues

You Gimme The Blues. The last song written for the 'Beth' CD.

Spend Your Love

I’m penniless, a pauper - I hear love sets you free. And here’s the thing. Rich or poor. When cupid hits you with that magic arrow, the bets are off.


One of two songs in my catalogue married to my novel in progress “Back To Bethlehem”.

Tick After Tock

Sixteen or seventeen minutes is the perfect length for the side of a twelve inch LP.

Birthday Song

Another trip around the sun. I always leave my Christmas tree and decos intact until the 11th of January.

Sweet Tooth Christmas Mix 2022

Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays. Welcome to our annual Christmas playlist, CandyLand style.

Sending My Heart

Sending My Heart. I almost lost this one. I didn't have another copy of this song anywhere. I had to purchase it from myself!

The Word (Sunset Mix)

The Word (Sunset Mix). For this release we wanted to do something different. We invited a mobile recording unit from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Stranded (Sunset Mix)

This song scored higher than The Kite. An inner voice told me to wait on it. Welcome to our third single of 2022.

The Kite (Sunset Mix)

Welcome to our second release of 2022. Both singles thus far. The “Sunset Mixes”; eleven songs that the Sunset Recording Mobile Unit remixed ...

The Word

Every good story starts with a flashback. It’s January of 2022 and I’m taking stock. What’s next on the menu. I was entertaining thoughts of a vinyl release.

Expecting Rain

Expecting Rain. Hoping for it. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to our first single release of 2022. The first release, single or otherwise, of the year.

Piece Of Your Ghost

Who let the dogs out. I’ve often wondered about that. However. I let the ghosts out. Not all of them.