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Upper body picture of Robert throwing us a kiss..

Spend Your Love. I’m penniless, a pauper - I hear love sets you free. And here’s the thing. Rich or poor. When cupid hits you with that magic arrow, the bets are off. Saturn’s children know this all well. No one is immune. The heart has started searching. And has gathered friends. And they want to mingle. This is the only song on the album that’s been tested in front of a live audience. This little girl made her debut last summer. My darling of the festival circuit. The other songs on the setlist being from the “Parade” album. What a blast! Outside rocking.

Hit the stage as the rains stopped. All the way there, I was wondering what would be awaiting me. You can laugh at me .. The belle of the ball presenting my parade and wondering if I’ll get electrocuted on stage .. if there is a stage. Is there a stage? A lot of apprehensions.

First solo appearance after many years of fronting bands. New hometown. My own backing tracks. My own mixes. On an i-pod. Scary.

This song was one of the first songs I recorded after the “Parade” album was finished. I had it kicking around on the “Curios” album before shipping it off to the Lifeboat Edition. It may have appeared on the Calendar Girls collection. No matter. Miss is here now.

Spending her love in the sixth spot on your program. This song was in the completion stages long before the others. The only exceptions being the leftovers from the “Parade” album. I lushed up the backing vocals and changed up the colouring on the guitar and keyboard tracks. I always end up with an imaginary Dave Edmunds type of aura in the room when I’m rehearsing this one. May be it’s the sound of the keyboard lines. But it’s a strange feeling. Like thinking a band like Rockpile could have had their way with this one.

What do I call it? Why it’s romantic jangle rock/pop. Holy smokes, Batman, it’s a breakfast cereal. There’s many labels out there. I’m not a big fan of the division lines. Put the entire collection in alphabetical order and let me have a look see. I love it all.

That’s how it’s set up here at CandyLand. How I’ve always had it.

Spend Your Love is on the setlist. She’s fun. When I made the rounds last year she was the encore song. Up on stage, I closed my eyes for a second and imagined little red hearts on the air. And then I felt them on my cheek. Or were they remnants of raindrops? Chalk one up for love.

Thank you for adding this one to the collection. You may have to go shopping for another red heart bank. The one you’re holding looks full.

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