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Piece Of Your Ghost (Toaster Crumbs)

Well, here we go.

Our last listen together before I add the icing and hone in on the final mixes.

Minor health issues have played a part in the delay of this album. But I'll be frank. Nothing serious. Not anymore. Maybe the lead-off track sums it up best. As far as Facebook is concerned, it's a throwback Thursday. I'll toss you this for a week. You throw it back to me by next Thursday. Design the flow. It shouldn't be a big deal. After all, in true cowboy fashion I have lassoed all these ghosts and corralled those bad boys. Oops, sorry Miss Malloy ...

There's two brand new songs here. You'll notice those rough boys right away.

I humbly apologize for the album's delay. That's twice now. So, here's a week .... or two. Not much of an excuse. Dare I say. Weak. However, I am very optimistic. I'm planning to release this on June 6th. D-Day. Fireworks optional and I guess third time's the charm

xo RJ