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10 Songs, 10 Days

How time flies, it’s already been many months since the release of my new album Satyr’s Day Parade.
I’ve already penned and demoed 14 new songs since then! Visit Turn (Works In Progress) and Calendar Girls to have a listen.

Today, I’m going to give Satyr’s Day Parade a little love with a feature called 10 Songs, 10 Days.
Over the next ten days or so, I’ll be writing about each song featured on Satyr’s Day Parade. I’ll take advantage of this series to start building out the site, as such, there will be a link in each new post that will be a link to the songs’ permanent space on the site. The song page will allow you to see the song’s metadata, listen, view the lyrics and other such goodies.

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Thank You for your support. RJ

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