Here’s another piece of your goat … oops …ghost! Saturn has left the building!

I had hoped to release Piece Of Your Ghost on January 10th but sadly the album has been pushed back. The current health restrictions have put a damper on things. Maybe damper is not the right word. A brick wall. There, that sounds more like it. There was a brief moment when restrictions were relaxed. And the band was all together. There we were, rehearsing and recording. Giving Piece Of Your Ghost the attitude and snarl it deserved. And then another complete lockdown. And that’s the way things sit currently.

When the cat’s away, the mice will play. Or vice-versa. After resigning myself to the fact that the upcoming album wouldn’t be a birthday present to myself, I started concentrating on the new material and started working on songs I had penned during the recording of the Ghost sessions. There’s actually a couple of stunners that I felt were more suited the new release. I am in no way discarding the album. But with the way thing have developed I’ve managed to mine couple of nuggets that may fit in with the new album. And with that, the line-up and flow of the album will change.

Many of you have faithfully followed along and let the stats do the talking. Or the e-mails. I thank you for that. The unfinished album had been making the rounds on my Bandcamp section until I quietly banished it and put it into solitary confinement. I usually do that when I’m working on the finer details of an album or a single for release. For the Warden’s eyes and ears only. Perhaps it’s time to bring those little devils back into general population. Because Piece Of Your Ghost is far from being finished. Especially now.

The newest additions; never previously posted, will remain in solitary confinement. They’ll join the completed album on its release day. I haven’t settled on an actual date for the release of PIECE OF YOUR GHOST but I’m looking at mid to late February of 2021.

Ghost … Pieces Of. That’s the new working title for now. And with the re-posting of the project comes an offer. A “piece” offering, if you will. I will continue adding updated mixes of the songs. I’ll take you as close to the finish line as possible. And until Piece Of Your Ghost is released commercially, you can purchase the entire collection. A first-time offering for our die-hard fans. Because once the album is released, these mixes will disappear forever.

I have a few more surprises up my sleeve. You’ll have to wait and see. But I’m hoping with all my heart and soul that you’re liking what you see so far. And liking what you hear. Because for me, that’s the best present of all … xo RJ