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Tick After Tock


Classic siihouetted alarm clock with title of song, includes a profile picture of Robert.

Tick After Tock (Sunset Mix). As it happens, sixteen or seventeen minutes is the perfect length for the side of a twelve inch LP. In my case that’s five songs per side. The first ten on this playlist.

Tick After Tock leads things off. Side A, first of five.

The song was first released as a single, 2018’s stripped-down version Tick After Tock (Dance Mix) before finding a home later that same year as the lead-off track on Satyr’s Day Parade, my fourth full-length album and the first to be recorded at my new CandyLand Studios.

There’s a silly video floating around in YouTube’s cyberspace. Somewhere. Tick tock. Time’s ticking away. Other versions of this song: Tick After Tock (Dance Mix) and Tick After Tock.

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xo RJ

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