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Time Bomb


Back in the day there was K.T. Rouge. K.T. Rouge had a song called C.U. at the Cinematic. I adopted part of my past and called it the Cinematic. At the moment we don’t have nearly enough videos. In an attempt to remedy that I’ve teamed up with the art department at Hirografix and we’ve begun working on my catalogue. Time Bomb is the first song we present here but in actuality it’s our fifth lyric video. Viewing our lyric video PLAYLIST, I’m sure you’ll be able to spot the differences in regards to earlier works. Something we’ll fix as we move along.

Which brings us back to TIME BOMB. The song appears as an album track. You can find Time Bomb on 2019’s KIZZA ME NOW as the second track in. We had a lot of fun recording the KIZZA album and this tune was one we loved playing live. It’s fitting that this song go first. Be presented here first. I’ve got a catalogue and a vault to dig through. Photos for the lads at Hirografix to play with. Time bombs here. Time bombs there. Many little explosions. And many more to come. Oh I’m having a blast …

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xo RJ

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