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Hi! Welcome to our Video Lyrics section, LyricVids. Although it’s all part of our Sinematic show we decided to keep this venture separate for you. The videos are just what the title suggests. No live footage to speak of. Just lyrics, clip art and the official mp3 rendering of the song. These videos were originally intended as a backdrop for a live solo performance. I did the first few on my own and found it to be a tedious affair. So I enlisted Hirografix, a wing of our new record label. We’re in the midst of grabbing our earlier material back into the fold and will present those videos as soon as we are able (The first three full-length releases and all singles associated with that era). There’s much more to come … much more. If you’re a fan we thank you for the continued support. If you’re new here we hope you’ll stick around … and thanks for the view.

(Ain't Got) You Beside Me (Lyrics)

(Ain't Got) You Beside Me appears on our seventh full - length release, Piece Of Your Ghost. On the official YouTube channel and of our LyricVids series,

Kizza Me Now (Lyrics)

This is number fifteen on our program, boys and girls. Presented out of order, here on the website. I know this because we’ve hired an accountant.

The Kite (Lyrics)

This is number fifteen on our program, boys and girls. Presented out of order, here on the website. I know this because we’ve hired an accountant.

Piece Of Your Ghost (Lyrics)

Piece Of Your Ghost (Lyrics) arrives courtesy of our 2021 full-length release. The title track no less.

Upton Blues (Lyrics)

Upton Blues has the distinct honour of having a forbidden alternate take featuring Jimmy Page’s iconic riff.

Friday Night (Lyrics)

The audio track you’re listening to was lifted from our May 2020 eleven song release, Friday Night

Gliding (Lyrics)

Gliding was first released as a single to accompany and prop up our fifth full-length release ...

Candyland (Lyrics)

And onto number 23 in our program. The official title is Candyland (Cracked Actress Mix) and the song makes its appearance on our 2019 release, Kizza Me Now.

Heart by Heart (Lyrics)

As with all the material found on this playlist, the songs are available through all the major music media platforms.

Poor Kitty (Lyrics)

Poor Kitty (Lyrics) makes her one appearance as track number four on our June 2021 release, Piece Of Your Ghost.

Riverside Rockroll Revival (Lyrics)

Singer and guitar guy through the same amp. No pizza, you’re playing for beer … a riverside rockroll revival tonight.

Out to Sea (Lyrics)

Released as an album track in June of 2021. Piece Of Your Ghost was our seventh full-length release.

Rocketship (Lyrics)

originally released as a single in early October of 2019.

The Word (Lyrics)

The Word (Sunset Mix) is the title track for the summer 2022 full-length release.

Boo (Lyrics)

sit back and give this one a boo ... Boo makes its appearance on 2019’s KIZZA ME NOW.

Falling Stars

Falling Stars was the first of two singles we managed to release in 2021. All the action tends to be in the summertime with the release of a new album.

Expecting Rain (Lyrics)

I’m trying to remember the first LP I ever purchased that had a lyric sheet with the album. This was shortly after they invented the wheel. The Rolling Stones?

Crocodile Tears

Crocodile Tears, a song that appears on 2021’s PIECE OF YOUR GHOST. Our seventh full-length release was our second for HOH Records.

Time Bomb

You can find Time Bomb on 2019’s KIZZA ME NOW as the second track in. We had a lot of fun recording the KIZZA album and this tune was one we loved playing live.

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