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Crocodile Tears


Here’s the second lyric video for you Cinematic viewers. You can stop with all the Crocodile Tears. Things are starting to get interesting.

Our first lyric vid post was for TIME BOMB. The song was never really pushed and ended up as an album track and under almost everyone’s radar. One distinction. The song never missed a live show. I’m looking at the stats for Time Bomb. Things are heating up.

With that we bring you Crocodile Tears, a song that appears on 2021’s PIECE OF YOUR GHOST. Our seventh full-length release was our second for HOH Records. If you’re a fan of the rootsy in your face delivery, you’ll fancy Crocodile Tears.

And as always, thanks for tagging along. Checking in on us once in a while. It’s a busy old world. Since I’ve teamed up with the cats at Hirografix we’ve been moving right along. A fast train gobbling acreage. I think we may have eight or nine videos on the go already (the first couple were my folly alone). The lights never go out. We’re also toying with the idea of presenting the videos in tandem with a few live shows. Big Screen stuff. Stay tuned. I hope you’re enjoying our content thus far. We do our very best to see that you have access to all our materials (even the smut). We’ll be adding some exciting new features in the near future. Of course we’ll want you along for the ride.

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xo RJ

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