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Expecting Rain (Lyrics)


I’m trying to remember the first LP I ever purchased that had a lyric sheet accompany the album. This was shortly after they invented the wheel so bear with me. Perhaps the Rolling Stones? It had to be one of the rock albums I purchased. I’d never seen a lyric sheet that was shipped with a Country and Western album. My folks were into vinyl for about as long as I can remember. I guess the closest thing would be Dad’s Louis Armstrong Box Set. It had a booklet of sorts with credits, pics and perhaps a few lyrics.

Which brings us to Expecting Rain. And what we’re doing here.

It was driven home to me long ago how important lyrics were to the package. Every song in our Bandcamp section has lyrics attached. All my songs are charted. Lizard On A Rock was the only CD I ever released commercially. Shrink-wrapped. The whole bit. I made damn sure the lyrics were featured in the booklet. We haven’t dug that far back into our catalogue yet (about 9 songs in) but each song will get the treatment. The LyricVids treatment.

After banging my head against the fridge a few times I finally understood what all the fuss was about. And why we’re starting to make friends. It’s simple. “Entertain me!” When a track or album of mine is released commercially, it immediately makes its rounds to all the usual suspects. That includes YouTube. I’ve seen a few of the clips. The song and the album or single’s cover. That’s it. But that’s me. Is that it? Is that all? I thought not. And so the gang all got together. Let’s see what we can do …

I did the first few LyricVids on my own. Saw them up on the big screen. No. Not so much. We’ll have to see if the boys from Hirografix want in on this. The cats usually work with HOH Records. We’ve got two albums and a few singles with HOH. Eventually the full catalogue will find a home there. And well, HOH gave us their blessing. And footed the bill. Only fair. We’ve featured Expecting Rain previously. But never in this context. The track you’re listening to (and watching) is the HOH single release of the song. You can find it everywhere. Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and well, everywhere. Yep, even on YouTube. There’s two versions now. If you want to be entertained (“Entertain Me!”) be sure to look for Lyrics in brackets. Expecting Rain (Lyrics). Titles like that. And courtesy of HOH Records no less. The song lives and breathes as part of our … Or In Cyprus compilation package on BandCamp. Home sweet home. And the reel’s always running at the Cinematic. Thanks for the view, see you in the movies ...

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