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Boo (Lyrics)


There was only ever one boo. Sorry. The song. Boo makes its one and only appearance on 2019’s KIZZA ME NOW. As you can tell, the Hirografix boys and I had a blast with this one. It’s funny, after giving this one the first listen I realized how far we’ve come. Kizza was our fifth release and we’ve done so much more since. And well. We’ve got something new on the stove. Something we’ll present to you as it nears fruition. But I’m very excited. About the music. About the new line-up. We’ve invested in some new equipment as well. You know what that means. Yes, boys and girls. It’s time for a remix or two. And it’s time for some new music.

I hope you’re enjoying our Cinematic feature. Wherever you’re watching from. If it’s jail, snacks may be hard to come by. So thanks again for your support and comments … sit back and give this one a boo

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xo RJ

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