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Birthday Song


Half eaten birthday cake with toy plan on it.

One little cake, one little party crown, one little cat with a grin … hey … that’s me! Another trip around the sun. I usually leave my Christmas tree and decos intact until the 11th of January. Like Maureen McGovern sang: “There’s got to be a mourning after” … or something like that. I guess my outlook has changed. January 10th is now the start of my New Year. (I’ll gladly celebrate the other as well). The tree came down in the early days of the month this year. Looking back, 2022 was a great year. A near and dear friend spent the summer here at CandyLand and we managed to unofficially release the “unofficial” BandCamp only eighth full-length release. Unofficially, of course. But. Officially exclusive to BandCamp. There. I know. It all sounds very “official”. I’m not sure one can escape a year without any form of injury or at least setbacks. So we plan for them. And so. Moving into my new year I’m very excited. The horizon looks great. Machines once stalled are showing new signs of life. A new sun pasted in. Like the song. Scaled back clouds. Like the song. Peacock Blue skies courtesy of the Laurentien pencil crayon company. Lucky number seven on the crayon. Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up.

As always, and hopefully goes without saying; it’s a pleasure writing songs for you. Getting them to you as best I can. Keeping you in the know, so to speak. And I gratefully thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support you’ve shown and continue to show. Blesses. So here’s a song. Pretty much off the cuff. There’s not nearly enough birthday songs out there. But like all well-behaved birthday songs, this one is up for adoption. To be played on your birthday. Or mine. I’ve tried to make it as “year round” friendly as possible. And perhaps have the song playing well with other tracks on a playlist. Don’t mind the crows at the end of the song … they just exited with the last piece of Birthday cake. They’re not from around here. The birds in my backyard don’t put up with that sort of behaviour. Enjoy your cake when it’s your turn … keep an eye out for crows

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xo RJ

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