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Sweet Tooth Christmas Mix 2022


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Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays. Welcome to our annual Christmas playlist, CandyLand style. I’ve started to think of this playlist as something else. CandyLand’s Christmas Tree. Every year we add an ornament … er, a song, or two. We’ve added a new ornament for our super improved 2022 mix. Why look boys and girls, there’s four ornaments on the tree now.

I’m hoping to add at least one more ornament, er .. song, before the year winds down. After we added SENDING MY HEART, the art department (god bless ‘em) decided Ol’ SweetTooth needed a new cover for his Christmas Mix. Mark, Don & Mal rolled up their sleeves and got busy. It took a lot of convincing and conniving to get him to hand over the bowl, so we could throw some lights in there. Once he saw the gang loading up the candy canes he was all smiles. We love that toothy grin. What’s left of it …

If you’re enjoying our little playlist we’re very grateful. Throughout the years we’ve been lucky enough to make the music we enjoy. And to share our humble gifts with you. And we thank you mightily for it. Let the Candy Canes reign. Or rain Candy Canes. From our CandyLand to your CandyLand, we wish you the merriest of Christmases and a bright and shiny 2023 …

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xo RJ

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