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Sending My Heart


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Sending My Heart. I almost lost this one. I didn't have another copy of this song anywhere. I had to purchase it from myself! I had posted it along with Santa’s On His Way but never released it commercially. I needed the wav file. I found it while searching through my BandCamp vault. A section that’s available to the artist. Another pat on the back for Bandcamp! And only 99 cents. I have a few live versions of this song. Various arrangements and lyric re-writes as well. It makes sense. This song has been kicking around for eons and has seen its share of clubs, pubs, beaches and street corners. And at least a few bands. First performed live back in the very early days of K.T. Rouge and carried around by me ever since. None of the outtakes were very good. This was recorded at the tail end of the “Beth” album. The last bit of work Kevan was able to do with us. I had Sid add a live soundtrack after all of the guitar and vocal tracks had been recorded. After listening to all the scratchy live recordings for years I couldn’t get used to hearing it in a studio setting. Without the crowd. So I added one. For old time’s sake. I thought about adding an acoustic piano but decided against it. Let this song see the light of day as is. As it was back in 2008. After listening to it again years later I can finally say I’m happy with the lyrics. They really do take me back. There I am, onstage with great friends. Magical times. Magical friends. And humbly thankful for a magical life. And life weaves such a beautiful tapestry.

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xo RJ

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