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Every good story starts with a flashback. It’s January of 2022 and I’m taking stock. What’s next on the menu. I was entertaining thoughts of a vinyl release. I had been caught up in the vinyl hysteria and found myself surfing Amazon. I had made more than a few purchases there. A vinyl release. What’s on it? After doing a ton of research it seemed the best approach was a compilation. This would end up being release #8. Lizard On A Rock had been the only physical release to date, having been released commercially on CD. All the other releases had been digital.

Thinking about a vinyl release now. That question again. What’s on it? And … hold the phone. Literally. Why, it’s Mr. Sadler on the line! Calling from Winnipeg, he blew in from Las Vegas. Diggin’ the tunes, Mr. James. Any plans for the summer? Thinking about doing a vinyl release. Remixes or new songs? Flash forward to mid-March and there’s a 40-foot Winnebago parked in front of CandyLand. Well … boy howdy. It’s the Sunset Recording Mobile Unit. It’s Mr. Sadler and Sunset’s studio mascot, Jimmy. The dog is small but has that lion quality …

If you’re familiar with our catalogue you’ll recognize these songs. With the exception of Expecting Rain (sunset hot mix) and The Word (sunset mix), the remaining nine tracks were selected from our last four full-length releases. I say nine tracks because tracks 12 and 13 are bonus tracks included with the digital purchase. I thought long and hard about including the songs as they appeared on their respective releases. So you could hear the contrast between mixes. Ah, that’s just clutter. If you’re listening to Stranded on the Friday Night release, that’s where it belongs. Keep this as is. And keep that over there. The nine songs we did choose for this outing were the all-time stat leaders.

At the moment I’m unsure what’s next on the horizon. It’s October, late in the season, and I’m taking stock. Again. But I didn’t want to hold things up. Too much. These remixes deserve a listen. Hear what Mr. Sadler hears. His take on things. Didn’t you hear? Las Vegas came to town … word. Although we didn’t include the original mixes in this package, we did manage to include the original artwork for each of the songs here. In case you want to hunt down the original mix and liner notes.

There’s an empty glass in front of me. It’s time for a Sunset Mix.

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xo RJ

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