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The Kite (Sunset Mix)


Cover Photo for The Kite, an outstretched hand reacing for a kite in the sky.

Hello again. Welcome to our second release of 2022. Both singles thus far. The “Sunset Mixes”; eleven songs that the Sunset Recording Mobile Unit remixed, surfaced in early October of 2022 as our unofficial eighth release, THE WORD. I say unofficial because it’s a BandCamp exclusive. Which means we didn’t go through the usual distribution channels. Grass roots. No barcodes. No ISRC ID tagging. Something we felt we had to do for the fans. And BandCamp. Our way of saying thanks for always having our backs.

After listening to the mixes in the new control room I knew a few of these songs had to find their way onto other media platforms. That’s the best thing I could do for this little “Word” venture. And perhaps send a few more listeners BandCamp’s way. I fell in love with more than a few of the mixes CM Sadler delivered on behalf of Sunset Recording. Four of them are here. Part of this collection. THE WORD is a BandCamp exclusive which means the entire Sunset collection is never too far away. Wink, wink.

For you archeologists out there, The Kite made its debut on our 2020 full-length release, Friday Night. Of the four singles we lifted from THE WORD, two of them made their debut on Friday Night. We had a late start this year, as our first release didn’t hit the shelves until early August. Entertaining the troops, choir practices and safety meetings. These things take up so much time.

There’s new music coming. I have to say I’m very excited. There’s a whole lot of newness on the horizon. I’m like the song right now. I’m a kite in the wind … but in a good blowing free kind of way. Enjoy your sunset mix … there’s Vegas in there.

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xo RJ

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