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You Gimme The Blues


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You Gimme The Blues. The last song written for the 'Beth' CD. I had more than enough material for the disc, but was inspired to write this one after a magical day in the studio. That intro riff came first, something I started humming to myself on the way home from the studio. I literally ran the rest of the way home, praying that the riff would still be intact in my head when I got there.

For some reason, I've always found lost love much easier to write about than the mushy, starry-eyed stuff. I imagine by the blues purist's standards, that this isn't blues at all. Then again, it's hard for me to wrap my mind around something I know little about. I’ve always leaned more towards the rock in rock and blues. And a bit of that country influence. Gee, is there a ‘G’ chord in there somewhere?

Try to picture me as Sven, the happy blues wanderer. A special thank-you to Emily. Uncle Mal and I listened on the mains as it was going down. Shivers up our spines. Same reaction the next day at work. And listening again. Now. Here comes the tingles.

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xo RJ

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