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Falling Stars


There it is. I’ve officially lost track of how many of these LyricVids we’ve posted for our YouTube playlist. More than ten and less than twenty. Falling Stars (on our When In Rome compilation) was the first of two singles we managed to release in 2021. All the action tends to be in the summertime with the release of a new album. That’s an awful long wait. And well, I’m always writing and recording. I didn’t want to let this one slip away. This song kills me. It reminds me to let my hair down once in a while and not to take things too seriously. Unlock those cosmic doors every now and then. As it turns out, these LyricVids are a nice bit of rockroll therapy as well. Getting back to a regular routine. Working with others again. Ideas for songs. Buying new gear. Getting enthusiastic about the summer. Great things are on the horizon.

When the webmaster asked me for a new post I wasn’t sure which direction I should take. The options are plenty. Another instalment of Back To Bethlehem? Or the next Continuing Adventures Of Meet The Blacks episode? And I thought no. Let’s see if we can get a few fans as excited about these LyricVids as I am. I laughed. If I can squeeze a few more fans into the Sinematic for a late night showing we may be able to get that super chrome deluxe hot butter dispenser that nice man from Nutty Club was trying to sell us.

Another reason? When Mark, Don & Mel (Hirografix) showed me the newest (this) video I almost fell out of my chair. I’m liking this. This isn’t really their cup of tea. They deal with posters, handbills, CD covers and things like that. I’ve decided to invest in editing software to make their job easier. My way of saying thanks. And why not? HOH Records has covered all the costs thus far. And I more than appreciate the help and support pushed my way. A wee treat for those Hiro cats …

We hope to have some summer concert announcements for you soon. In case you’re in the hood. And wearing dancing shoes. As always I thank you for the listen. And the view ...

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xo RJ

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