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Hi, I’m Robert James, a singer, songwriter, musician and this is the place to discover my music.

Kizza Me Now

Ta Da! (finally …) Wow. One word. Making this album was a ton of fun but, man, there were a lot of gremlins flying around. Messing with the angels I suppose. Even the voting process got muddled but you found a way to vote for your faves. Kudos to you. I was more than a bit overwhelmed at the responses I received through the e-mail address on the website. All positive. Some of you listed three or four songs. Some of you listed all nine. Some of you listed ten, trying to convince me to drop the title track. The only one I picked…


I also gathered up playlist stats and took those numbers into account as well. But it really came down to your votes. Your personal touch because this is your album. The one I always wanted to make for you. The one I could tour with. Thank-you for that. And you’ll love this. A surprise ending! There ended up being a tie for the tenth spot. I chose neither but do plan to release both as singles.

“Candyland” was a last-minute add-on and I left it sparse. Spoiled fruit. Spoiled treats. Oh sure, we start out with breath mints in our pockets and end up with something for the dreams. And well, isn’t that what life is like living in Candyland?

Blesses to you and thank you for the album. The Kizza Karma is all for you.   xo RJ

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