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Welcome. Table tray in the upright position? Seat belt fastened? I hope so. It’s only fitting that we launch our new website on the day we launch our Rocketship. The first song featured as our free monthly download. Yours to take home and enjoy. Your choice. And any format you choose. Each month we’ll feature a brand new free download for you. I’m excited. As a kid, my favourite snack was Cracker Jacks. Caramel corn, peanuts and a surprise. I’m feeling that tingle all over again. Why? Because even I’m not sure what your next month’s surprise will be. But wouldn’t you know it? I penciled in Cracker Jacks on my shopping list. If the webmaster lets me, I’ll post a pic of my surprise …

And so. Drum roll please. Onto our star attraction. Rocketship is the first song featured on our When In Rome compilation. The December 31st, 2019 release is exclusive to our site. Although all eleven tracks appearing on this compilation can be found on all major music platforms, we offer this compilation package as a convenience to the listener. The compilation itself is in reverse chronological order. Released on October 9th, 2019, Rocketship was the last song added to this compilation. Looking back, 2019 was a very productive year as far as songwriting went. When it came time to release KIZZA ME NOW (May 20th), I had enough material for three albums. After hearing Kizza and Rocketship in particular, my brother Darcy expressed an interest in recording drums for the track. I had planned on releasing a lot more than one album and two singles but my brother’s health started going downhill in a big way. The family lost him on October 23rd. Sadly he never got to hear this finished version of the song. Perhaps he’s listening now. And knowing him and that Scorpio wit of his, he’s thinking “They get a download but I’ve got the cloud …”

Yeah. I think you’re going to love this rockin’ little nugget. I actually had a chance to perform this one live. Just myself, a bassist and lead guitarist along with the keyboard and drum tracks we lifted from this recording. In a theatre setting. Astounding. And it sounds absolutely killer in CandyLand’s new SweetTooth preproduction/rehearsal studio. We’ve added a new sound board. A 32 channel monster that offers amazing clarity. Of course there’s no shortage of power or speakers. So I fire up all the engines, strap on my guitar, suit up and take a short ride for two minutes and fifty-four seconds. On my Rocketship. Saturn never looked so good …

xo RJ

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