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Meet The Blacks 3


The Continuing Adventures of Meet The Blacks

Cowboys in silhouette playing instruments. The cover photo for the Continuing Adventures of Meet The Blacks.

You've had a chance to get to know the boys. They seem to get on surprisingly well. And things are starting to happen. Chapter one found our boys having a bit of luck. They've been invited to present their music in a live setting for taping at a local television station. Chapter Two brings in Jett’s Redo Girl. There seems to be a few problems on the set, though.

And now we're very pleased to present you with the third chapter of The Continuing Adventures Of Meet The Blacks. Jett and Wendy (our redo girl?) have started chatting. And now we’re shopping for a dog? I guess you’ll have snap out of it, Jett. There’s trouble brewing. And a desk sergeant who’s not too pleased. Oh, there’s paperwork. Biff’s is a mess. So are three patrons. Is Wendy up to no good? And so soon? Could she really be redo material? Dad’s sick and baby needs money. Lots of it. Can Jett come through for her? You'll want to stay on top of this story, things are just getting interesting. There's a powder keg festering somewhere. As usual. Gee, just how much trouble can five guys get into anyway …

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