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Marching Song


Santa Hat, Christmas Lights. Song title.

MARCHING SONG. And the devil said. I'll start this song. With a beat. Something hip you can march along to. That devil turned out to be Rhett. Welcome to November's free download. Volume One, Issue Three if you're following along. Or flavour of the month as I like to call it.

I honestly didn't think I'd ever finish this song. It took forever to get past the opening riff. It was heaven. Oh, for at least a good two hours. I did have a solo planned for the intro section. Then I thought about piano. What would Keith Emerson do? Gee, I don't know. So I phoned him up. Just kidding. I went looking for carnival. Nineteen thirty-eight carnival. Something for the jackboots to kick their heels to. Before they begin their march towards war. Beaverdell started tinkering with the intro and found something we all liked. Hell, no. Loved. November is a somber month. They should have called it Revember. From Roctober into Revember. I imagine most people would expect me to post FIELDS OF FLANDERS. Apparently I've transcended. That's so yesterday. The march continues on. We'll televise it for you.

This song made it's debut as track number six on our sixth full-length outing, Friday Night, which was released in May of 2020. So here's our latest offering. Revember to download

xo RJ

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