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Hi, I’m Robert James, a singer, songwriter, musician and this is the place to discover my music.



I say ‘our’ because my vision is more band than a solo artist. Always has been. For me, this is a disc that just reeks of change. I find myself in new and uncharted surroundings both in personal and musical life. A rebirth.

Now that the album is complete I finally feel like I’m on solid ground again. It’s been a long time since I gave my music the attention it deserves from me. That all changed this time around. Sure, I was armed with a few ideas, half songs, bits and scraps of lyrics here and there. And then, there’s the vault. Early fans and the odd old bandmate from glory days gone by will remember parts of a song or two. You can thank the vault for that.

My new studio! A wonderful new experience with a tremendous learning curve. I feel like an architect in the true sense and I’ve learned to wear a few more hats since undertaking this album.
I think I’ve finally mastered the art of having fun! That’s not easy when you’re a goat. Only one way to solve that … have yourself a parade.

Enjoy responsibly xo RJ

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