Welcome to the new site

Hello. Well here we are. Back on track. Revamped. I recall the tail end of 2019. Looking forward to a new year. A new decade. A new album for 2020. Live shows. Two bands fired up and ready to rockroll. Sadly, we didn’t get to test drive our sixth full length release, Friday Night, the way we wanted to. The universe stepped in. Not in the stars, baby.

No matter. Saturn’s my ruling planet. My taskmaster. 2020 did see some forward movement. I felt that with the change of the decade it was time to build a new home for the singles we’ve begun releasing. So please welcome … "Or In Cyprus". This album, like When In Rome, features our singles collections. Exclusive to this site only.

We managed to release two singles this past year. Both “Love Button” and “Cypress Moon” are available worldwide. And found on … Or In Cyprus for your convenience.

Uncertain but optimistic. That could very well sum up 2021. No matter. I’ve spent most of last year tackling ghosts. Things are under control. I’ve assembled the ghosts I could round up and put them into a nifty little collection I humbly entitled “Piece Of Your Ghost”. A little late for Halloween, I know. But on January 10th of 2021 you can have a look at the ghosts I’ve collected. I’m thinking of having a party … watch me drink a toast with a “Piece Of Your Ghost”

xo RJ