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Welcome to "Cinematic", our Video Channel. Each month we'll add a new clip to the channel. Our first instalment featured a live version of Tenement Girl. Cinematic is a brand new feature for us and we thought it was one you'd want us to share with you. And so, welcome to our second offering. Look at you. Jack the lad. Your playlist is growing …

GET RAW (midnight mix) is called that for a reason. We had to do a rush mix for a video shoot. A friend, John Woods, was working with a student film crew and they were looking for a project. Get Raw turned out to be one of those projects. The song made its debut as the fourth track on 2008's Slouching Towards Bethlehem. This ten-song outing was the third full-length release from the band. It ended up being the last release on the Kingsway Group label following the demise of co-founder and group manager Malcolm Summersby. And if things are grouped in threes, it proved to be the last of the recordings at Vancouver's Mainline Sound.

Originally intended as a concept video, the footage shot at various outdoor locations was lost. A concept video became a promotional performance video. The line-up is an excellent representation of what was happening musically at the time. Something I look back fondly on. I'm very proud of this video. Kevan Van Keith is on the drums. You'll remember him from Lizard On A Rock. Mark Gordon is on bass guitar. He contributed to the Beth album and played alongside myself in a previous line-up. We'll re-introduce him at a later date on our Cinematic video channel. Sid Perez is on keyboards and lead guitar. Sid's responsible for a lot of what you hear on Beth. Owner/operator of Mainline Sound, he's all over the musical map on the album. Meori rounds things out on acoustic guitar and guest female vocals. One of two female guest artists on the album, she only appears on this one track. Nonetheless, she's a breath of fresh air. The video was shot in a large loft style apartment setting along Vancouver's East Hastings Street. Your view is pretty nice. My view between takes, gazing down at the busy street below was a little different. Sadly, we couldn't locate Angela (the model gracing our cover) in time for the shoot. Malcolm loved the cover so the cover stayed. Now I'm left to field all the questions. But hey, relax and kick up your feet, you're at the Cinematic.

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xo RJ

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