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Back To Bethlehem 2


Back To Bethlehem

Custom artwork by Jessica Stanley depicting a hitchhiker.

Back To Bethlehem is based on a short story I wrote in high school while living on Canada's West Coast. White Rock, Surrey and Vancouver's landscape dominate the bulk of our story. I can't actually take you to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I can only take you as far as the Peace Arch border crossing on my Canadian side. Jimmy would have to tell you the rest of the story from his side. Here's my chapter two.

Chapter one found me left behind. Not in a Kirk Cameron sort of way. I missed my bus. They do head counts but they'll only wait so long. So they missed one. I decided to hitch-hike home. After a mishap of sorts I find myself riding shotgun with Jimmy at the wheel. In a big black car named Queenie. I've settled in for the ride and I'm no worse for wear. Jimmy and I are trading stories. You're welcome to listen in. Make yourself comfortable in Queenie's luxurious back seat. The radio reception's getting better, the orange is always at the ready and there's Mescal …

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