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Rockroll Santa Claus

Merry Christmas! Well, it had to be done (according to the Management team). My first Christmas/Holiday song in ten years, so I hesitate to say hot on the heels of “Santa’s On His Way“. Dad, had he been alive, would have loved this one. I can hear him in my head just now .. “a little quicker and that would have been a Schottische”. He always said that .. I hear it every time I’m recording a new song.

There really is a whole new generation who want to learn to play. Blesses to them. It’s nice to see the masters chatting with companies like Fender and Gibson and helping them to modify, update and add their names and expertise to already amazing guitars, amps & pedals. Mr. Jimmy Page and Fender come to mind. That’s what got this song off the ground. And therein lies the inspiration, Mr. Bert. A short clip of Jimmy. And the Telecaster.

I hope you enjoy this little ditty. I had a blast recording this one. I’ll try not to wait as long next time. And so, yes, I dedicate this song to Jimmy Page and all the boys and girls who would love to find that perfect present under the tree this Christmas. Whatever it may be. And I’m a big ol’ kid at heart. I’m hoping for a new Telecaster. Olympic White so the Strat’s not lonely. One designed by my Rockroll Santa. Just that and world peace. For all the girls and boys. Everywhere. I’d better get busy, I’ve got a letter to write .. “Dear Rockroll Santa, I’ve been good all year … “

xo RJ

Hi, I’m Robert James, a singer, songwriter, musician and this is the place to discover my music.

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