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BOO! I hope I didn't scare you. I didn't mean to. It's that it's Rocktober and Boo happens to be this month's free download. Boo made it's debut on 2019's Kizza Me Now. It's a great track for all you trick or treaters out there. A little something for your sweet tooth. This is issue number two of our free monthly song download. Last month we featured Rocketship to kick things off. Ignition sequence started. I certainly hope you took full advantage and downloaded your favourite format of the song. We're here to help you build your RJ library. One song at a time. I must admit it'll take a while. I'm very sorry if you missed out on last month's download. One of your friends should have told you. Hoarders. Not to worry, though, Rocketship's on rotation. It's current orbit should bring it back around for download in another six or seven years …

And now. All about BOO. There's no exclamation mark after the title. It's a different sort of boo. A happy boo, if you will. Boo sits in the number five slot on 2019's KIZZA ME NOW. KIZZA happens to be our fifth full-length release. Scary, scary stuff. The song made its live debut at 2019's Wetaskiwin Arts And Music Festival. Just myself on the white Gretsch twelve-string along with backing tracks. The system was pumped and the monitor mix was nice and full. Satellite wash on each side of the stage. Fat bottom sound makes the rockin' world go round …

Before Captain Covid hit, we were rehearsing as a three-piece and had a fifty minute showcase set ready to go. We had the keyboard and drum tracks on an old i-pod. Talk about streamlining. But we had it sounding killer. The set was comprised of material culled from Satyr's Day Parade and Kizza Me Now. We threw in a few of the singles for good measure. A kick-ass set for sure. There was never any doubt that Boo would make the cut. It's been a personal fave since I first wrote it. And with the newly upgraded SWEET TOOTH pre-production/rehearsal studio, the songs are sounding even better. I don't really remember which movie helped this song get its start. I was working on the intro riff. A new riff I really liked. I don't get too attached to them as they tend to eventually morph into something else. And so. A character was speaking in the movie and was saying "be your …" and a guy comes around the corner and says "boo". Probably one of those cheesy halloween movies you hear so much about these days. I thought an Eagles style woo-hoo vocal line would finish it off nicely. At times verses can be a challenge so I took a different approach. I went down south and found a different type of boo. Be your boo? Absolutely.

xo RJ

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