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Welcome to "At The Cinematic", our Video Channel. Each month we'll add a new clip to the channel. Last month we featured a promotional performance video for Get Raw, a track featured on our third full-length release, 2008’s Slouching Towards Bethlehem. For one reason or another we never did get to perform that one live. I imagine that’s as close as it gets for now. For now. At The Cinematic is a new feature for us and we thought it was one you'd want us to share with you. Welcome to our third offering. Thought we’d liven things up a touch. One more for your ever-growing playlist …

BEACH DAYS. In July of ’89 an ad appeared in Vancouver’s, The Georgia Straight. Roger’s Cable Four in Richmond, BC was seeking Vancouver and Lower Mainland original acts to be featured in their “Garage Trax” series. Otherwise known as Night Moves Presents. A series that would showcase four new and exciting acts each Sunday Night.

I called the contact number and submitted my act. They would require a bio and a demo tape. Pronto. Slots were filling up. A friend, Murray Davidson, was helping with the act at that time. He put a package together and dropped it off at the studio. He heard back the following day. We were accepted. I called up Dale Pleven, a great friend that I had been working with on and off for ages. He had been in on the Mushroom Studios recording sessions and we kept working together on demos long after the line-up had dissolved. No questions asked, baby, Dale was totally good to go. So I was stuck for a drummer and lead guitarist for the sessions. Murray suggested Brian Poulsen for the guitar spot. One sunny afternoon Murray and I dropped around Brian’s place. He listened to the four songs I presented and said he was in. He didn’t know who Dale was but loved his playing as I recall. He asked who would be drumming. I told him in truth that I had reached out to a few drummers but they were all busy in other projects. I was stuck at the moment. He smiled and said “Todd McGarvey.” He’ll fit in nicely. And so the gang all got together to see what we could do …

We ended up having a couple of rehearsals. Two of the songs; Somebody Else’s Dream and Is It Love were already on the list. Beach Days ended up taking the third and final spot. Looking out the studio window as the leaves start to fall I can almost smell the coconut oil ...

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xo RJ

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