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Rockroll Santa Claus - Download Link

Album Cover, image of a furry Christmas touque with a round pin of Robert James face and lighting decorations

He’ll crash your party in hip red leather suit. Don’t be surprised. Any cat brave enough to walk around donned in red won’t think twice about wearing leather. Pretty much what you’d expect from a Rockroll Santa Claus.

Released as a single in December of 2018, the song finally found its home as track four on our When In Rome (Singles 2008 - 2019) compilation album.

That album has another Christmas song, the ever popular Santa’s On His Way.

There’s no need to hunt any further, these being the only two Yuletide songs to be released commercially thus far. Having said that …

I have eight fave versions of: Winter Wonderland.

Seven fave versions of: Silver Bells.

Six fave versions of: Blue Christmas.

And Oh! Five golden rings.

I’m not sure I know any Christmas carols on guitar. I’ve never performed one live. That seems odd ... I love Christmas so much! I hope I’m making up for it by writing my own.

The song itself was inspired with giving in mind. The gift of giving courtesy of my rockroll heroes. Tinkering like some sort of Santa in the workshop. Re-designing guitars. Hot rodding guitar amplifiers. The list goes on. It’s the season for giving.

We know it hasn’t been a bed of roses this year. Not by a long shot. And so, in the spirit of giving, we hope this month’s free download brings a little bit of joy and sunshine to your life. From our home to yours. Consider it a Christmas card.

A very Merry Christmas to all the girls and boys. Everywhere.

xo RJ

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