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Leftovers – Kizza in the kitchen

Leftovers – We spent the latter part of 2018 assembling and writing tracks for our fifth release. In total, twenty-five songs! They were all posted on our Facebook page. We kindly asked you for help picking the nine songs that would appear on the album. You came through with flying colours.
So here are the songs that didn’t make the cut. Still in very rough form. But that will change. There are at least seven tracks on this playlist destined for other ventures.
But first things first.
Your album “Kizza Me Now” is in quarantine. She’s a bad girl. Get that bad girl ready for release and the machine starts rolling. We’re a couple of weeks or so away from the release date.
In conclusion, I have to say the race was pretty tight. Thank you for voting! You sure know how to put a guy to work …
Love and light to all.
xo RJ

Released March 15, 2019

RJ: Lead & Backing Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Astrid Ash: Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Rhett Black: Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals
Beaverdell Humes: Keyboards & Backing Vocals

See individual song credits for whodunwhat.

Rhett Black & Beaverdell Humes appear courtesy of Meet The Blacks and House Of Horace Records.

Lyrics courtesy of Angry Lion Publishing SOCAN/ASCAP.
House Of Horace Records/Angry Lion Publishing.
Horace Media (c) 2018

Recorded at Candyland Studios

Additional Musicians:
Jett Black: Acoustic Guitar

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