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Kizza Me Now – Enough Life Jackets?

This is where it starts, kids.

Last year was really great, full of trials, tribulations and with lots of soul searching. Powerful stuff. Like the Fab T-birds song

Some of it, if not all of it, came out on these 25 songs that I humbly present for you here.

Unfinished, yes .. Raw? Definitely .. From my heart? Absolutely! I tried to touch on as many styles and flavours as possible.

Just the beginning, kids. I admit I dipped back into the vault for a couple of the tracks but I did polish them up, to give them a sense of belonging, cohesiveness…

There’s only room for ten songs on this boat. After all, it’s the lifeboat edition, so, there are only ten life jackets. I guess you’re in a bit of a fix! You’ll have to help me choose which songs get the other nine life jackets. I’ve been too close to these songs for too long. I’ll need five minutes to roll up my sleeves while you choose the nine songs.

You pick nine for me and I’ll give heart and soul and we’ll make something you like.

xo RJ

Hi, I’m Robert James, a singer, songwriter, musician and this is the place to discover my music.

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