“If I grab you a soda
Can we be seventeen again
Candies, mints and pixie sticks
In case I think you’re up to something”

#1 of 25 – Kizza Me Now

“I’ll grab you a soda”.

My inner child is all over this one. And obviously, it’s a keeper. Originally written for the “Calendar Girls” collection, I fell in love with this one from the get-go. I’m not sure where my songs are headed right now as they’re all over the map. But this one lends itself nicely to all of the songs. Plays well in the sandbox and works well with others.

Yes, my inner child. The universe loves this kind of stuff. And hey, it’s the title track, babies .. My job’s done here, I’ve picked my track. The other nine are up to you.

This one is a little more advanced production wise as I can spend energies on this one knowing it’ll make the album. But in no way is it finished.

A summer “Kizza Me Now” mini-tour is in the works. You just have to show up, no need to Kizza me .. I’m looking forward to connecting with you and seeing your shining faces.

As with all of these songs you’ll notice there’s no fades at the end of the songs. I’m presenting two acts this summer. One with a full-on band and the other as a solo act with backing tracks. The tracks you’re hearing now. Oh, everything will have to sparkle by summer but for now, you’ll have to find me nine songs from this playlist.

Let’s get on with our album, kitties. Love, hugs and misses

xo RJ

Hi, I’m Robert James, a singer, songwriter, musician and this is the place to discover my music.

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