Like the Lizard he sings about, Robert's coat is as colorful and as shiny.

At age thirteen, he made his television debut fronting a country band; at age seventeen he was bass guitarist and lead vocalist for a high-flying rock and roll band playing to festival sized crowds, and by age nineteen had recorded his first single.

Raw and sinewy on stage, he rocks with honesty and intensity, while his Irish, French, Cree and Apache roots help him remain true to the muses that guide him. A pure singer/songwriter, Robert presents his music in a timely and ultimately, timeless fashion. A healthy lack of respect for musical boundaries only serve to make his music that much more memorable

His third CD release, Slouching Towards Bethlehem, is now available through CDBaby, Apple i-tunes and other fine internet retailers. 'Get Raw', the first video single from his newest release will be included in a DVD release package featuring television performances, as well as live, studio and rare rehearsal footage. Fans familiar with Robert's material will be pleasantly surprised with the inclusion of previously unreleased material.

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