Video - Somebody Else's Dream'

Somebody Else's Dream was one of three songs featured on the Night Moves Presents show in 1989, presented in part by Shaw Cable. I had put together FINGERPRINTZ after The Robert James Band had fallen apart for the last time

The few months between projects allowed me to begin recording on my own with a small Tascam cassette recording system. Dale Pleven was the only member of the last line-up that I was still in regular contact with and it wasn't long after that we started recording new demos.

We were lucky enough to attract the attention of a couple other players as well. Brian Poulsen (Lead Guitar) and Todd McGarvey (Drums) soon ended up in the cramped basement with us and we started rehearsing in earnest. And we should have been recording every moment in that basement for there were many great moments. Well, this is what we have left ... it is what it was.

Technica: The footage you're viewing was lifted from an old VHS tape so the quality of both the audio and video is less than ideal ...

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