... Silly me.

Ballad Of Cora Grey is a song that needs to be played live and recorded live, the studio just doesn't do the song justice. There's only one way around this little problem. And that's a party. I've always loved a good party, the laughter in the air, the smiles on friendly faces. And it's always fun to party with the Irish.

There's a movie I own on DVD that I watch every St. Patrick's Day. The film is called "The Quiet Man" and it stars John Wayne. It runs all day long and not always with the sound turned up.

I was born into a very musical family and the fiddle was a very big part of growing up ...
My Cora Grey was Caroline McDowell ... on weekends I'd get on my bicycle and ride the seven or eight miles to her place in Aleza Lake only to find that Nicky Vitaliano had beat me there by half an hour and gone on a picnic with her.

It's always memories like those that I think of when I hear or perform Cora. Come to think of it through the early years the girls I fancied all had last names like McDowell, McDonald or McFie. I hope you'll enjoy hearing Ballad Of Cora and can manage to dig up a few fond memories of your own. Heck, invite a few friends over, enjoy a beverage and do a silly jig for me while you're listening to Cora and I promise to do the same for you ...

Happy St. Patrick's Day and may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead ...

Love to all, RJ

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