Happy New Year !

New Years Day - 2012

Happy New Year with link to Roberts' Discography on Bandcamp

2011 ... wow, where did it get to so quickly. Looking back, we accomplished a lot on many different fronts. We became a facebook friend, posted a few videos, posted a lot of songs, played a few shows and even managed to get t-shirts printed. We've got even bigger plans for this upcoming year.

I guess the most important thing that happened to us in 2011 though was you. You told us you liked the songs, the videos and yes, even the t-shirts. You stuck with us through the lean times as well as the good. And we thank you for that. With everything that's going on in your crazy world you managed to find a little time and space for us. We've still got a few tricks and aces up our sleeves so like they say in the movies ... "Stick around, kiddo."

Here's to you in 2012 ... blaze brightly.


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