Santa's On His Way

Christmas 2011

I still believe in Santa Claus and because I've been so naughty I've had to write him a song to try and get back in his good books. I sent a copy of Santa's On His Way to the big guy at the North Pole but haven't heard back from him yet ... maybe the elves snagged his mail.

There's a bunch of us here who'd like to thank you for stopping by over the past year. But right now our web designer is pouring a glass of white wine for his new assistant who's making eyes at the rep from the publishing company. Jane from reception is talking a mile a minute and is totally giving away trade cooking secrets to John in accounting. Yep, you guessed it ... our annual staff party.

And me, I'm in between sets thinking I always get roped into these things. And Steve from the label keeps requesting the same song over and over although I've already played it twice. But secretly I'm having lots of fun ... a joyous noise, old songs I hadn't played in years and the best in friends. I wish you all of these things and much, much more. Enjoy!

With love,

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